With over 50,000 downloads and a 4+ star rating in the Google Play Store, this app is a must download! Once copied, the project can be edited as usual. (Press menu on the first screen to sync with Ravelry - other counters you have set up separately won’t be overwritten). Gehaakte Driehoek. The KXStitch projects aim is to produce software to allow the creation and editing of cross stitch patterns. Just login using the same account to keep your files synchronized with each other. You can find the extension by visiting the Chrome Web Store and search for Ravelry, select Make-One and then click the “Add to Chrome” button. However if you want to add backstitching or a speciality stitch it is difficult to do so. In the knitting/crochet/fiber arts community, someone who appreciates a handmade gift and takes care of it is considered “knitworthy.” Ravelry, a fiber arts website with over 9 million users, created a hub for sharing information about materials and techniques and a way to exchange and sell patterns in pdf form. Be your own knitting, crochet or cross stitch pattern designer with Stitch Fiddle. You can see your projects, queued projects and the patterns for both of … It saves your place in each project so that when you come back to finish that blanket you started three years ago, you can pick up exactly where you left off. Stitch Fiddle. The Ravelry connection keeps your photos and project status up-to-date automatically. Create a printable pdf document with your chart, legend and notes. You’ve got to try this! Knitamus is designed and built by an avid knitter, with gratitude for ideas and support from wonderful knitting friends. Home screen widget showing project progress. Enter project details such as start date, yarn, hook/needle sizes, and more. Based on 24 reviews. Users can keep track of their yarn and their projects, entering stats about when they started and finished, the yarn they used, etc. You can also set the ownership status, which will eventually pro users build a shopping wish list! Add reminders to appear on a specific row: you will knit mistake-free! Planning a trip? Unlimited, customizable row counters viewable alongside your pattern. iCloud sync allows you to work on your iPhone when you’re out and about, or enjoy the larger space of your iPad when it’s available. You can see your projects, queued projects and the patterns for both of these from the slick Windows Phone styled interface. Import patterns from Ravelry, iCloud Drive, your photo library, or the web. All patterns link to their pattern page on Ravelry. Or maybe you’re the type that dives in with abandon… but would love a lifeline to easily get started again, no matter how long that shawl or hat or intricate baby sweater has been lost in the bottom of your bag. Start now designing your own first pattern! With this free app you can search for projects, yarn, and inspiration. Convert any image to a color chart, or place it as a transparent background image which you can trace yourself. Super simple user interface, with a big friendly number to tell you what row you’re on. Take the best of Ravelry on the go with Alpaca. User must sign into Ravelry and authorize the extension to make changes. Row counters can be edited by clicking on the settings button. Each Knitamus project can have as many pieces as you need (for sleeves, front, and back, for instance). The Knit and Crochet Counter app works as a row counter for all of your knitting and crocheting projects. Use Skein to tap into Ravelry’s database of local shops to plan your yarn tourism, or find a shop once you arrive. An app for people who have trouble deciding what to knit. Stop crawling around on the floor! iTunes Top 10 paid iPhone app in the Lifestyle category (June 2012). Either way or somewhere in between, Knitamus is designed for you. Stitch Fiddle guide to creating a chart. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the app for you. It’s so handy to be able to see my pattern and my row counter at the same time!”, 21st Century knitting, brilliant app! Your stash is updated when copying one of your own projects using stashed yarn. For too long, we’ve watched our passionate community of makers struggle with juggling old school knitting tools. There are lots of different sites that allow you to design your projects. is an opensource Android app to access your projects on Ravelry. You can create your own chart directly on the website which is pretty … Download now on the Google Play store. Organize your library Group your patterns into easy to access collections. Enable the Working Mode to prevent making unwanted changes and keep track of your current stitch and row. Haak Diagram C2c Borduren Kruissteek Samplers. Basic users can store five free projects. How wonderful is it to snuggle under a blanket that is a picture of your favourite pet or snap. Download the app directly from the iTunes App Store. 1) quarter stitch to the speciality stitch section and 2) MillsHills beads and treasures added to the beading section. Get started now. Set up several counters to keep track of your increases, design, or change of color. You can quickly page through to set the highlight for every row before you even start, including repeating highlights, or you can just get started and each row will be remembered as you go in case you knit it again. Features include: Come say hello in the Knitwits group here on Ravelry! Just ask Pattrick! The Plus version allows you to have multiple row counters going. If copying someone else’s project that includes stashed yarn, basic information about the yarn is included in the new project, but it is not added to your stash. Comparing and Contrasting PC Stitch and Stitch Fiddle Crochet Pattern/Graphs. Knit Notes is available for download from Google Play or on the web at www.knit-notes.com. Have an android in your pocket? Please share the love by leaving a review on the App Store and contact me by email with any questions or concerns. This may seem as a limitation at first but distinguishing between unsigned and signed input proved both to be confusing for the users as well as unpredictable when working with custom byte sizes. Stitch Fiddle, Ede. Just login using the same account to keep your files synchronized with each other. We have so much technology at our fingertips, that we are able to create these treasured heirlooms at the click of a mouse. Do you like to knit or crochet? This free program is probably the best free service I have seen so far. Wooly is the first Apple iOS app to provide on-the-go access to your Ravelry Notebook. Please send an email to knittingchart@ph-neutraal.nl if you encounter any problems, have a question or a feature request! Pro users can store an unlimited number of projects. --Romi Hill. Stash2Go (Android version) allows you to access most of the Ravelry functions on the go. Please join our Ravelry Group with over 1,700 members and say hello! Contact us through the in-app feedback system and get a nearly instant response about your ideas and feature requests. Does this page clearly describe everything to you?Having ideas for improvements for this feature?Looking for a feature which isn't there yet?Tell us your story. Free and exclusive patterns Get access to free and exclusive knitting patterns every week! Knitting / crochet row counter. If you don’t want to see an image without grids, that option is also available in the app. Be your own knitting, crochet or cross stitch pattern designer with Stitch Fiddle. Watch a preview video: Pattrick Preview Video Download for iPhone/iPad: App Store Download for Android: Google Play. Easily add notes, repeating or not, to any row at any time. Those two features are only available on your computer. Quick counter that’s not attached to any project. Blankie will even tell you how big your finished project will be, or how many squares you need to make your dream blanket - with a choice of different layouts! Just shuffle the squares until you see something that looks good! Stitched—Cross-stitch Patterns. “This app is the perfect little ‘knitters’ helper’! Creating and interacting with your own stash, projects, and queue - including uploading photos! With Blankie you can plan the layout of your granny square blanket or patchwork quilt with ease! This extension only talks to Ravelry and does not collect/send any of your data elsewhere. It also helps you keep track of your yarn stash. Chart Minder lets you design, scan or customise your own knitting charts, for free. Email the developer if we’re missing anything! Pocket Yarn is a simple tool for browsing your favorite knitting patterns and discovering new ones, all using Ravelry’s collection of the best designs and instructions. Required Cookies & Technologies. It still works, its free, and its great at opening any PDF, however, the app is considerably larger than the alternatives, and it’s just not as good on our tests. Say goodbye to printed patterns, sticky notes and smudged doodles! A tutorial on the website Stitch Fiddle. Yarrn! You can even use iOS dictation to speak naturally and ask: Refine any search using the full power of Ravelry’s filters, with an easy-to-use interface designed exclusively for iOS. The knitters behind Wooly (brothers MenKnitToo & dstys) want you to know that we’re here for the long haul…like that never ending scarf you’re knitting. The apps below were created by Ravelers and other developers. Saved by Stitch Fiddle. It’s the best way to search Ravelry for patterns on your mobile device. MY CROCHET HOOKS Very similar to the MY KNITTING NEEDLES section, you can track all of your crochet hooks in the MY CROCHET HOOKS section. You’d love nothing better than to set up each row of a pattern before you even cast on. “I want to make an aran v-neck sweater for my son”, “What can I make with 200m of chunky yarn?”. Cross Stitch Saga ($11) – 2/10. There are free patterns too, all lovely!”, SUCH a useful tool for knitters! Get inspired, start designing your own knit, crochet and cross stitch patterns, and create your own unique creations. Import PDF pattern files and keep track of your current row with the row counter. No worries, you can also use it without any configuration, See your chart in a grid or drawn as stitch Vs, see all the trending patterns, filter to find specifics, favorite, download, and buy patterns right from the app. Join us in our Knit and Crochet Counter group for information about current and upcoming releases! Our patented tools make tracking easy so you can enjoy the fabric you are creating, make fewer mistakes, and tackle new techniques. Enter in (or snap a photo of) what Red Heart yarn color you have, and it will help you decide what colors will compliment it. Join the knitCompanion group on Ravelry for ongoing fun KALs and community. (This function has been greatly improved and I use it all the time now. Stash2Go (full version) allows you to access most of the Ravelry functions on the go. :)” More LoveKnitting cleverness “LoveKnitting is just brilliant at using technology to make knitting easier and more fun. Here are more details about the features of Knitting Buddy (feature vary between android and iOS versions): Check out the Ravelry Group Knitting Buddy’s Buddies. Whether you’re looking to make a treat for yourself, a great gift for your niece, or trying to justify buying that gorgeous skein of yarn… Pattrick will find the perfect pattern! Stitch Fiddle, Ede. With knitCompanion you can focus on your knitting instead of juggling row trackers, counters, and “at the same time“ instructions. This is a complete re-write of Stash2Go and will be optimised over time to not only provide Ravelry functionality, but also provide additional value for how to interact with the Ravelry community. Not sure how to arrange things? You just need a basic counter? Please upgrade to the full version if you want to unlock all features and create as many projects and charts as you like! Add yarn details such as purchase location, fiber type, weight, etc. Optional sounds and haptics for row counters. MY KNITTING NEEDLES Track all of your knitting needles here, including the needle’s type, size, material, manufacturer, length, notes, and a flag of whether or not the needle is currently in use. (Of course this has no effect on the other person’s stash.). Be your own knitting, crochet or cross stitch pattern designer with Stitch Fiddle. If you don’t like your answers, you can choose to regenerate 3 more, or you can start again. Knit Note makes it easy to focus on your knitting. Skein takes the guesswork out of shopping for yarn by providing you with quick access to Ravelry’s wealth of information with a few quick taps. Although software for this type of application has existed on the WindowsŽ platform for many years, there has never been one for Linux App (Android and IOS) You can use Stitch Fiddle on your phone, tablet and computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), all at the same time. for repeating rows) • Adjust the legend used in your printable documents • Change the stitch numbers to use with a knitting machine • Swap used colors in a chart • Change default description of stitch symbols • Backup & restore all your projects. You can use Stitch Fiddle on your phone, tablet and computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), all at the same time. … and more! __ FOLLOW UP ON YOUR PROGRESS ___ * See any times how many rows and stitches your have knit! Handy tools Everything you need in one place: row counter, marker, and more! Add a due date reminder for your project. Quickly and easily import your patterns from a PDF, Image, or even Ravelry! I’m constantly looking for ways to improve your experience, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email me - knitwitsapp@gmail.com. You can view free patterns on the phone, and you can also upload photos to your projects making it even easier to share your work with the world. Knitting Row Counter, or Knit Notes, stores your knitting or crochet project data in the cloud, so you can access your knitting data from any android device. This cross stitch pattern maker app comes with four different types of tools, namely, Needle, Scissor, Dropper, and Pattern. Direct access to Ravelry, so you can search their website or access your library. Download KXStitch for free. Stitch is completely free and is an open source project which is continually being worked on and improved to add new features - for more information check out the website at http://stitch-app.com. With Ravit you can: Our vision for Ravit is to really make Ravelry shine on mobile - to show patterns, projects, yarns in a clean and responsive interface and to harness the true power of Ravelry by including things like filters. You can check out what your friends are favoriting, queuing, keep up with their latest project photos and see what yarns they’re collecting to their stash. Stitch Fiddle is an online crochet, knitting and cross stitch pattern maker. You don't need to install anything, just navigate to www.StitchFiddle.com and you're ready to go. Bit Fiddle will always assume the input to be unsigned. Close Knit is a new iPhone app for showing your Ravelry friends’ activity and favorites. Stitch Fiddle Design your own patterns with Stitch Fiddle, My profile Help Center About Stitch Fiddle Legal information. If you also have Ravulous installed, you can click through to the pattern screen, to find out more. !”, LoveKnitting “What a fabulous idea you’ve come up with! Nearly everything that can be done on the Ravelry website has been implemented in a way for ease of use on mobile devices, including: This application is free! Copies information that’s likely to be useful in a new project based on a previous one. All features are also available on tablets and phones, except for drawing lines (back stitches, repeats, … Reset your password. Want to request a feature? 9.8K likes. 9.6K likes. See your project details and edit your project notes, Full searching of patterns, yarn, and stashes. Tap the screen at the end of a row to count up or down. Send a Ravelry message to alpacatheapp. Knitting patterns on the go Access your LoveKnitting and Ravelry library wherever you are. Knitci was created for a fingertip-friendly experience for interacting with Ravelry. Very clever. 20 talking about this. Looking for your next knitting or crochet project? PCStitch Pro has been designed by M&R Technology as a cross-stitch application intended for professional designers, stitchers and anyone who would like to extend his crafting creativity. Love to knit? YarnBuddy is a beautiful, easy-to-use project tracker and row counter for knitters and crocheters. It can do multiple types of graphs which include crochet, knitting and embroidery. Stitch Fix is the personal styling service for men, women & kids that sends handpicked clothing to your door (with free shipping & returns!). Add notes and rich links to your projects and yarn. You can even view your Ravelry stash or import all your projects from Ravelry, and update them on the go! Knitting Buddy isn’t your standard knitting row counter -- it is a true knitting and crochet project tracker. Stitch Fiddle. Types of hooks that can be tracked include Cable, Double Pointed, Fixed Circular, Interchangeable, Standard, and Other. Email Address: An email has been sent to you containing a link to reset your password. Download your patterns directly into the app, be it a webpage or a pdf. Some other features are: • Change the start row number • Adjust stitch dimensions • Include wrong side. You can also share finished projects on Twitter/Google+/Facebook/email/whatever other sociable type apps you have installed on your Android device! It’s a bit of a quirky app, and a little lacking in features. Different Project and Button Themes (Pro feature). Intelligent row counter (informs you of completion, stitch increase/decrease and pattern rows), Store photos and detailed notes of all your projects, Import and edit all your Ravelry projects, View your Ravelry Stash (edit coming soon! of Amigurumi. The LoveKnitting app was designed to transform the way you knit - and make your life easier! ), Store your knitting needle and crochet hook inventory, Needle and hook size conversions between US and metric, Calculate the amount you need for a substitute wool or yarn for your pattern, Browse key categories on Ravelry for the top patterns, sorted by popularity or difficulty, View photos, pattern designers’ notes, and needle/yarn details, Download designers’ pattern documents, save them on your iPhone or iPad, and share them with friends, Securely login to your Ravelry account to sync your mobile device with your favorite knitting patterns. Unit conversion and yarn substitution tools, as well as a common abbreviations dictionary. 208. Some Ravelry pages have a mobile view that is designed for phones and other small screens. Knitting and Crochet Buddy (Knitting Buddy) is an all-in-one knitting and crochet project tracker. This website also has a free crochet diagram maker. Stitch Fiddle | Free online knitting and cross stitch stitch chart pattern editor software. Ravulous is an Android app which uses the Ravelry API to offer a couple of potentially useful knitterly things on-the-go. I hope you enjoy Knitamus! Or save your project to share it between devices or with another user (Full Version). Keep track of all your knitting/crocheting project information and the calculation and inventory info is handy for when buying yarn or needles for a new project. Available only on the App Store. There is no official Ravelry app but we have a directory ﹥﹥ Download for iOS (iPad and iPhone) here, Beautiful and saves me time “Such a beautiful designed app - amazing graphics! Stitch Fiddle | Free online knitting and cross stitch stitch chart pattern editor software. It’s no substitute for the amazingness of the Ravelry website, but here are some things you can do from your pocket: Ravulous works on both phones and tablets and is available in both the Google Play Store and the Amazon Marketplace for £1. ios: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-row-counter-knit-croch... android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.row_cou... A Row Counter App optimized for knitting and crocheting: ___ VOICE CONTROL ___ * No need to touch the app while knitting, just speak to it to increment the counter, and keep your hands free to do beautiful things! Ravit is a fun new app for browsing patterns and yarns, and updating your projects and stash from anywhere. Highly recommended - thank you! Knitting Row Counter (Knit Notes) is also accessible from the web at knit-notes.com!! Use this specially created app to create patterns out of photos for cross stitching. Stitch is a Windows Phone 7 app that will allow you to access your Ravelry information on the go! It includes many advanced features including multiple projects with individual photo backgrounds, basic pattern repeats, project notes, support for posting updates to Facebook and Twitter. The app currently supports: Ravulous Hot Right Now is a widget that showcases the most fashionable patterns in Ravelry. Annotate your patterns by double-tapping the page, export your notes, track your place, and zoom in to that tiny color chart. This video is a demo of the basic features of the Crochet Charts pattern design software. Check the dye lot of a yarn in your stash, make a shopping list, or take notes for later. Our free app combines everything you need for a hassle-free knitting experience. Stitch is a Windows Phone 7 app that will allow you to access your Ravelry information on the go! With the help of Needle tool, you can create cross stitches in an image while on the other hand, Scissor tool lets you cut or erase any stitches. With Knitting Chart you can draw your own knitting patterns. We have an active group on Ravelry and we’d love to hear what you’d like to see next - join in the discussion in the Ravit Group. Come and say hello in the Ravulous group if you want to find out more about the app! Right now you can find this option in pattern search, the forums, and your message box when using a phone in portrait mode. Users can add multiple row counters, reset or repeat each one after a certain number, track the number of times you’ve rolled over each row counter, and even link each row counter to the “main” counter. Receive notifications when you get new Ravelry messages and unread forum replies, Search for patterns and yarns by name, and look at photos and yardages required, See your favourite patterns and projects, and add patterns to your favourites. Draw color designs or stitch symbols. ~ Friendly user interface ~ Plenty of colors to choose from ~ … “This app is the best thing to happen to knitting in years. Join the Ravelry group for design inspiration, tips, support, updates and news. Super helpful and nice choice of patterns!”. Please note: Your data never leaves your browser. Threads: DMC Print to PDF: NO. Chrome extension that copies a Ravelry project and makes a new one for the user. Knit Note is an amazing pattern manager for iOS. And each piece has a single counter so you always know which row you’re on. I love Tunisian crochet and find it hard to find graphing programs that incorporate the stitches for Tunisian crochet, so Stitch Fiddle is worth the $22 a year to create such beautiful graphs. Add row notes that appear when you reach a particular row (can also be set to repeat at an interval). Ravelry users can also import your current WIP names, and edit your project notes. 43 iPhone and Android apps that work with Ravelry. It covers knitting, cross stitching, and most importantly, freeform crochet charts. Live to crochet? The phone stays awake while you’re on the counting screen, so you don’t have to keep turning it back on again. Allows you to choose from a simplified set of criteria to bring up 3 random patterns that meet those criteria. Feel free to contact me if you have questions: contact@stash2go.com. By default, your first row counter starts at zero at counts incrementally. Stash2Go (free & ad based version) allows you to access most of the Ravelry functions on the go. If the original project had no name, the new one is called “untitled”. knitCompanion is a pattern tracking app for knitters and fibers artists. Knitwits is the ultimate knitting and crocheting companion, designed to fit all your needs! I love it, especially the extra features like the row counter and pattern marker/ eraser. One of the most handy features is their help with coordinating colors. All features are also available on tablets and phones, except for drawing lines (back stitches, repeats, highlights) and designing free form crochet charts. Sadly, the Cross Stitch Saga for iOS isn’t the same as the android app. You don't need to install anything, just navigate to www.StitchFiddle.com and you're ready to go. Add drawn color designs to the Designs Library for easy access (Full Version). Built by a couple of real knitters with Love for all you fiber fans out there. Look at your queued projects, with recommended yarn and yardages required - handy for yarn shopping! You can manage your favorites on-the-go, or add them on your home computer and then access details from your device. Easily display as many PDF pages or chart photos as you need in the special chart window with an adjustable highlight bar that remembers each row. 43 iPhone and Android apps that work with Ravelry. Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Cross Stitch Patterns Afghan Patterns Kansas City Chiefs Football Football Baby Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys 100 Days Of School Amigurumi. Borduurpatronen Borduurpatronen. I hope this was helpful and provided a little bit of confidence in using the software! Be your own knitting, crochet or cross stitch pattern designer with Stitch Fiddle. “It really has brought my pattern reading into the 21st century! • Keep up with your friends an discover popular patterns with the activity feed • Create and update your projects with notes and photos • Manage your stash and assign yarn to projects • Search for patterns, projects, yarn, and shops • Find your closest yarn shops on the shop map.