In this article, implement of Binary Search in Javascript using both iterative and recursive ways are discussed. Step 4 – Create Binary of Script. The pattern operator is ~, not ==.. Post some more of your data, and I can suggest the detailed solution. echo “${a[$i]}” done Since then, she has developed an incredible passion for writing about all sorts of tech. [01328014800457] hello[01328015550457] hi[01322345800457] abc[] xyz[] pqr[] asdf, i want the output like below: [01328014800457] hello[01328015550457] hi[01322345800457] abc, i tried like this : awk ‘$1==/[[0-9]]/ {print}’ foobut i didn’t get output.please if any body knows let me knowThanks in advance. Below are the steps to perform binary search: Binary search can be similar to searching a word in a dictionary. I got some idea, to implement this one, giving the algorithm below: Step 4: for i equal to zero, i