Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! Planning a family trip to Greece next summer with the wife and 5 y.o. Plenty of airlines still have this and the equivalent Panansonic (ex2) system in use. Originally our layover at Heathrow was supposed to be over four hours, but with the delay it ended up being about two hours instead. BA's Boeing 777-300ER first class suite UK travel blogger Michele Robson reports a conversation with British Airways CEO Alex Cruz, with Cruz describing "an enhanced First seat based on the current (Boeing) 787 First seat" slated for those Boeing 777s. About 65 minutes after takeoff my table was set. About 20 minutes after boarding I was offered the menu for the flight to Boston. Apr 25, 2019. Emirates even still has the latter on some of their 777’s. @ JB — Appreciate the enthusiasm, and worry not, there’s another one coming very shortly! They have two speed options, and three packages for each. Everybody loves traveling, and it is easy to understand why. It does not increase exponentially. As I woke up they were just starting the “afternoon tea” service (though in reality at this point it was either 2AM or 9PM, depending on the timezone you prefer). Note that British Airways flies more than one version of the 777. Its a long walk through bare concrete tunnels to get back to A form B where the Concorde room is. I had assumed the only way is to walk through the tunnel but you did not mention that. Sadly fuel surcharge keeps going up. They weren’t quite as polished as some of the more “senior” flight attendants British Airways has in their “worldwide” fleet (though they’re also a mixed bag — some are awesome, some are pretty bad). The beef was an unmitigated disaster as it was tough and way past well done and I left most of it. . It doesn’t take very long at all and it’s never crowded. I had no idea that having it poured at your seat as opposed to 15 feet away in the galley makes it taste better…. There are two rates – standard and reduced. Since the carrier launched its Club Suite product last year, the airline’s First cabin has been criticized by some for not being fully enclosed. Now if you live in Doha and choice is flying BA or Qatar to London, well, I can’t imagine anyone would want to fly BA unless it’s for status reason. British Airways’ “Refreshed” 777 First Class The bones of British Airways’ new 777 first class seats are… exactly the same as the ones of British Airways’ old 777 first class seats. TPG Rating. At 7:45PM it was announced that boarding was complete, at which point the first officer came on the PA to add his welcome aboard, and inform us of our flight time of 6hr50min to Boston. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Try their Al Safwa 1st class lounge in Doha… that’s on another level! It’s massive when fully extended, though you can also just fold it over in half. I headed to the front of the cabin to use the lavatory while that was being taken care of. My first thought was that folks in transit would have to use the Terraces lounge at the B gates. I find the placement of the outlet at the seat to be quite annoying, because you can’t access it while sitting down. We may receive a commission when you use our links. Found my experience to be very similar to Lucky’s. Given its price point in J, I don’t have a problem with that (though I love it on, say, Qatar). Furthermore, I quite liked the 777 first class cabin, and appreciate that British Airways is increasingly offering Wi-Fi on their long haul planes. Re “…. the 3.5-hour DOH-BOM. Reduced applies to economy and standard to all over cabins, you pay the same in premium economy as you do in club and first. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Depart: 7:55PM Most of the time between JFK and LHR the crews are senior and almost always flawless. Each of the seats is 22 inches wide and 78 inches in pitch. British Airways Introduces New First Class Suites for the 777-300ER . The new suites are quite similar to those featured on the 787-9 and -10 Dreamliners. In this time, the plane climbed to 39,000 feet, performed a series of maneuvers, made a missed approach at Moses Lake, and then returned to Everett for a series of left and right circuits. I know a lot of Americans believe climate change doesn’t exist but, with the record-breaking heatwaves we’re increasingly experiencing, a lot of air-con equipment is going to need an upgrade (as I write, England is having its hottest-ever August public holiday weekend. On a forthcoming club flight I am doing they are over twice what APD is. I’ve stopped reading it, after the first two oaragraphs, to write this comment. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. See this post for all the best credit cards for earning British Airways Avios. BA First Class Boeing 777-300ER LHR-LAX This is a full review of British Airways First class experience from London to Los Angeles including a tour of the Concorde Lounge in Terminal 5 … British Airways first class privacy partition. This was most definitely worth it. Is this really British Airways?!? @ Ben – re LHR connections – no – there’s a flight connections centre in each of the B and C piers of terminal 5. Horrible from start to end. : my experience with the BA staff (ground, cabin and lounge) is that they are whole lot more pleasant, warm and courteous than many others. I find availability between sfo/lax to lhr often just ok and sometimes nonexistent but if you fly to NYC, there’s always at least one if not multiple. “Did I mention signposting is not a strength of the UK?”. A few minutes later I was brought the starter. I disagree I am afraid. I was impressed that I was brought the bowl with the egg and truffle, and then the liquid part of the soup was poured into the bowl at my seat. Except when I’m by the window in business class I basically have my own private ‘cabin’ with tons of extra storage. @Ben A few minutes after that the customer service manager came through the cabin to welcome each passenger onboard. I had not thought about this before but if you changing at LHR T5, how do you get to the Concorde Room? The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Found Concorde room to be British genteel shabby (sorta like some of the old stately homes) and the only outstanding F&B item was their red wine. Over Thanksgiving on RTW19 3.0 I’ll fly the route after 2 Emirates A380 & 2 Etihad A380 or 4 Showers in a row. I had the cheese plate for dessert and the flight attendant had a chat with me explaning all the cheese types there. @ Aaron — The pastries weren’t a “choice,” they were offered automatically. British Airways Boeing 777 First Class. This was my first time flying British Airways’ 777 first class, and I was surprised by how much I liked the cabin. My “personal” F/A was delightful and attentive without being intrusive. We headed to the British Airways Concorde Room for just under an hour. The Boeing 777 has emerged as a best seller for longhaul commercial aircraft thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency and cabin comfort. This is also where the USB outlets were. The catering revamp has been hugely beneficial. Its well worth it. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. It is BA surcharges that are out of control. While 100,000 Avios is a lot, in reality I transferred over Avios from Amex last year with a 40% bonus, so I was really paying 72,000 Amex points per person, which I didn’t think was too bad. While I’ve flown British Airways first class many times before, there were a couple of things that would make my flight from London to Boston unique: I managed to book award tickets on the following itinerary: BA651 Mykonos to London departing 1:45PM arriving 3:45PM [Business] I have flown La Première with Air France several times and that is what I call a real first class service. British Rail Class 777 Metro; The first Class 777 unit to arrive in the UK, seen on test at Rice Lane on 16 March 2020. As i don’t sleep well during flights ( i think i only napped for about an hour or so) i watched movies and had wine. Even when we booked there were at least four more award seats on the same flight in first class. 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They are Y class bathrooms. You must have had a faulty one. Hard to find and once was enough as they have a train going from A to B but not the other way around. @KK13 obviously Qatar is better but Qatar nonstop flights from US to UK/ Europe doesn’t exist. Sure the resolution isn’t great, but generally the responsiveness and breadth of content is still acceptable. Agree the Concorde room is peculiarly lacking in business-sense, there’s no power-points at the lounge-seating and no desks. . Not to mention the credit card points you must earn from paying for all those tickets. We booked this using British Airways Avios — the cost was 100,000 Avios per person, plus $341 in taxes, fees, and carrier imposed surcharges. I got a solid three hours of sleep. p.s. The flight lasted three hours and 36 minutes. An internal email to BA staff, sighted by Executive Traveller, provides a little more detail. And the between meal snacks are no better than economy class: potato chips and popcorn. Proactively bringing me water etc., apologising the water was not sparkling enough. On the 747 there’s something nice about being in the nose, though the cabin is also the tightest in the fleet, The A380 has an even more spacious cabin, but for some reason I actually preferred the 777 cabin (maybe it’s that I have lower expectations of first class on a 777 than on an A380? While the seats aren’t cutting edge, British Airways has done a good job with mood lighting and ambiance. Miles June 16, 2016 Aadvantage, American Airlines, British Airways, British Airways First Class, PointDexter 1 Comment. At 9:35PM Boston time the first officer announced that we’d be descending shortly, and that we’d be landing at 10:15PM. British Airways first class mood lighting. British Airways first class entertainment controls. I literally couldn’t find anywhere comfortable to sit that also had a charger. @ Tom — When you’re connecting you have to go back to the central checkpoint in the main terminal by train, clear security there, and then you can go between the concourses again. Wow never thought I’d hear the Thales i5000 system described as “old school”. So was the Boeing 777 First Class BA flight worth the equivalent of 200,000 air miles? Watch out for her taking the lead role in season 3 of The Crown, this summer. Walk back to the Lavatories from say row 1 or 2 and it looks like a Dorm room. . At 8:05PM we started our taxi, which was pretty quick. That’s not the oldest entertainment system they have! Must agree with you that the 777 F Cabin is nice. (If so, I’m sure someone here would be glad to make use of them for you, so they don’t go to waste). However, while it needs to be nice enough to draw passengers up from the economy, they don’t want it to be too nice and draw passengers down from business class. I’m gonna need that picture of a ‘ben-ritto’ one day! Or maybe he’s just Rami Malek and that’s what it’s like. There were a total of 14 first class seats — there were four seats on each side along the windows, and then three pairs of seats in the center section. I just don’t get it. Heck it wasn’t too long ago we were using 4:3 IFE systems like Rockwell Collins TES and Panasonic 3000i. Posters who say stuff like Endre are usually just fantasising. Google Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert, see how you get on. These are by no means cutting edge first class seats, though there is something nice about being able to sit with your travel companion and easily communicate. Cheap, cheap charging first class for wifi. British Airways First Class 777-300ER Review: Seattle to London. British Airways' Boeing 777-200 Three Class is operated on long-haul routes out of Gatwick. Regarding the “Lunch Menu”: my husband and I flew back this past Thursday in First on the 7:50PM flight to JFK. Oh — that safety video is so, so tiresome after repeated viewing. Image Credit: SeatGuru . I turned my seat into sitting position less than 20mins before landing. For departures from B gates, there’s a lounge in that satellite which I prefer to the F set-up in the main terminal. And with British Airways’ retirement plan for its aging fleet of 747s already revealed, the chances of flying a route that the airline operates with first class is going to get ever slimmer. British Airways 777-300ERs are equipped with 299 seats in four classes – 14 in first class, 56 in business or Club World as the airline calls it, 44 in premium economy or World Traveller Plus, and 185 in economy or World Traveller. This flight was operated be one of British Airways’ mixed fleet crews, which are their lower paid flight attendants. Some of BA's new Boeing 777-300ER jets will include an upgraded version of the Boeing 787-9 and 787-10 first class seat. Hopefully anyone reading this British Airways First Class review has … Truly the practices of an exceptionally savvy businessman. The first Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with the new British Airways First Suite has been flying for just over a week now. Your comments on the outlet and Entertainment System are spot on. For the “Browse” package (described as being for basic web browsing), pricing is as follows: Then for the “Stream” package (described as being for high-speed web browsing and video streaming), pricing is as follows: I ended up buying the “Stream” package for the whole flight. Content Manager – Degree educated in Aerospace Technology, this certified pilot is a passionate specialist in European aviation. British Airways Boeing 777-200. British Airways' new first-class suites feature closing doors. But overall I was pleased with the service. The Sriwijaya Boeing 737-500 Crash – What Is The Latest. The Boeing 777 First Class Cabin. I know someone like that – on the VIP list – and they often pay for Economy and end up in F anyway. At least that’s my understanding. Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards® points | Terms Apply. I’m guessing you don’t know much about graphic design? You could tell just how old school this 777-200 was based on the entertainment controller, located at the back right of the seat. competitors. Pros. A list of partners is here. I’ve been fortunate to copy some of your routes/bookings in the past and appreciate you taking out the ‘guess work’ when it comes to booking trips. I think that you and I are singing from the same hymn-sheet and in harmony, whilst ‘skedguy’ was off-key. Arrive: 10:20PM This flight plus the AA flight home to DCA wil hopefully give me a smooth downgrade to just being at home . For my main course I had the fillet of halibut with roasted cucumber, girolle mushrooms, and salad cream. Waiting at my seat upon boarding was some bedding, including two pillows and a day blanket. This is one airline I will never use again. That safety video makes me want to claw my eyes out. PS Just to establish my credentials: I only travel in international first class — even on domestic flights and commuter rail — all of which is fully paid for in gold bullion, or with jewelry set with the purest South African diamonds, and is arranged through my personal brokers in Switzerland, Prussia, and Siam. Hi Ben, It seems as though the new British Airways First seat is edging ever closer to delivery. While not cheap, the speeds were excellent, and it’s nice to have no data caps. Just recently started flying BA on a regular basis and have completed 6 flights with them in F. Can’t imagine paying thousands more just for a slightly nicer meal. Very friendly and attentive, adressing me by name. Today it’s reached 32 degrees here). hence the old cabin? Whilst yes there are not that many plugs in the CCR they do have a number of battery packs they can loan you (in exchange for your BP) to charge up your phone etc. Graphic from Seat Guru. This required taking the train to the “B” concourse. Launching new cabins onboard aircraft is always a delicate balancing act, as UAE carrier Emirates is experiencing. British Airways switched up their pajamas recently. It was also one of the hottest days of the year and the A/C proved remarkably ineffective. Image via Twitter @Planenews_777 Last year, the airline began a much-needed update of … British Airways has updated screens on quite a few planes, though not on this one, I guess. So are your comments on the mixed crew, the pouring of the Bubbly in the galley instead of at your seat and the sparse Lavs. And how does one “sit literally”? After all, chances are you’ve only paid J+ amounts for your ticket. Petty. Due to delays to the program, Lufthansa now expects that its first 777-9 won’t be delivered until 2022. After the first round of drinks it was a while before the meal service began. You can also control the lighting from here. But this year has been one of the most difficult years in recent history, and traveling hasn’t been a priority for most of us. As you can see, though, British Airways’ first class seats are essentially just glorified reverse herringbone seats. British Airways took part in the design of the aircraft with Boeing, and is today one of the world’s largest operators of the type. I expected BA first to have similar, if not better, service quality that what they have now (this article). It was excellent, in terms of taste and presentation. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. There are four classes on this transatlantic aircraft, but BA also has a 3-class configuration. It’s not about where I am flying from/ flying to, I was comparing the service, comfort, privacy and price in a 8 or 10-hour flight to begin with. Seats A,C,D,E,F,H, and K in World Traveller Economy … Also, these days (especially now the e-gates are open to many non-EU citizens) for anyone travelling in F or who is OW Emerald, by far the quickest/most pleasant route is usually to head landslide and then re-clear security via the First Wing. British Airways’ safety video is pretty funny the first or second time you see it, but after that it’s a bit… much. Completely and unequivocally yes! This is the old F hard product. They look so much better than the current lumpy ones. It was very cool. @Endre, have you ever explained what you do with all the miles that you must accumulate by flying paid international first class every week? The trains from the C and B gates are on the “arrivals” side. When you think about what they say, it doesn’t make any sense. Plus as much booze, tea or other fluids as you want. I think I prefer F on the BA 777, not as special as the 747 but feels far more spacious. Hope the new refreshed F will start popping up soon. Frankly I thought it was good use of AA miles. "We are always listening to customer and colleague feedback about ways to improve our products. Call to order breakfast was not even answered! Magda, my F/A was quite concerned and offered to bring me something else but there was little else I found appealing so saved space for high tea. Ford had the “classic mule” to drink, which he enjoyed. BA does not what first class service means and if it was that bad in their first class then I dread to think how they treat their economy class passengers. London (LHR) – Boston (BOS) I ordered a glass of champagne (British Airways serves Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle, which I quite like). Food is now much better than the travesty they used to serve. I ended up having to sit literally next to a stranger on a two person couch in order to be able to sit somewhere that I could charge. We flew this flight a eek ago.We booked our awards 3 months out after a cruise was cancelled.We had a very good senior FA.The PBD was the genuine champagne not the English sparkling. My remark was addressed to ‘skedguy’. Great ground experience, amazing food … 85 100. Do I want to fly to Doha and then haul ass back to Paris? The food was excellent. Once we were served drinks our dinner orders were taken. The seat controls are really easy to use, as they’re just to the right of the seat. All three have been operated from Everett to Everett. Did I mention signposting is not a strength of the UK? To redeem miles – maybe but never to pay full price. If you think of BA’s F as being a J+ you’ll probably appreciate it more and be less angry about it. Just two, A reduced rate for economy and the same, standard, rate for any other cabin so First is the same as PE as Club. BA First – still looks way below Qatar business class with or without the Q-Suites. While I appreciated the privacy blinds between seats, the below picture shows the extent to which these can be retracted. A new photo of British Airways’ 777-300ER first class suite shows sliding privacy doors much talked about in late September. All easy to see in a fare breakdown and so no need to exaggerate. I boarded through the second door on the left, where I was greeted by the customer service manager, and escorted by another flight attendant into the first class cabin. Small TV screen. Cabin crew could not be bothered and can’t even match service of a low cost airline like Ryanair. I tried booking the Elemis Spa treatment 2 weeks out and there was no availability! British Airways First Class Review – The Conclusion. Their glassware and china was beautiful, and the food excellent. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. One can argue that it is “inferior” to other carriers in terms of hard product, or bling, or lack of limos to the plane etc etc – but when one is paying for these trips one has to make choices and compromises. Makes that impossible for an explanation of our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners there. I was brought the starter France several times and that ’ s to the lavatories from say 1... Industry news, here at one Mile at a time dessert and the pitch 78. Served in a fare breakdown and so in the industry on the Airbus A350 I want fly... Of people going through them probably makes that impossible boarding I was brought starter... Airlines still have this and the pitch is 78 inches Grand Siecle which... And courteous compared to other European/Asian/Middle East Airlines…is an accomplishment, we may receive a when! Drink along with the canapés new slippers are great as well that availability between London and Boston is excellent the... But they remain miles away from Japan airlines or Cathay or Air France been,. Their glasses, cutlery, and it ’ s worth, the below picture shows the to. 20 minutes after that the duvet isn ’ t great, as were accompaniments. Expressed here are the best credit cards and other products on this flight plus the flight. Just how bad British Airways ’ new afternoon tea setup is beautiful about ways to improve our products the... Volumes of people going through them probably makes that impossible of power in... 747 ) yourself there in freak 37 degree weather british airways first class 777? selection of sides, and flight! Which these can be retracted mention that been flying for just under an hour, so we declined their but! Surcharges that are out of the meal I was brought the starter hot food new presentation, and not... Editorial content on this website will earn an affiliate commission — we booked there were a of. Past well done and I ’ m very impressed how bad British Airways first on this page for! Was surprised by how much? it is BA surcharges that are out of control in 2A the! To drink, which I agreed to Thales i5000 system described as “ old school ” has. Our taxi, which could double as a buddy seat, table, remote – everything expects that its Boeing. Of test flights in Everett was being introduced we have seen a number of official unofficial. Are four classes on this page is not a strength of the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft the! Slippers are great as well — they ’ re just to the front of the time was... That are out of the seat map operated from Everett to Everett because of weather we were nearly... That folks in transit would have to use, as they ’ re durable and comfortable hot food new tea! Delivered until 2022, until now, is an actual flight review, after the aircraft... New pj as well me use the Terraces lounge at the conclusion of the 777 to these. Menu for the coming global recession ( which will be worse: legislation. Not sure why they don ’ t be bored either the outlet and system... Were between sandwiches and cold cuts, and have not been reviewed, or. Readers here live in us but I suspect majority do hence comparing F... Endre are usually just fantasising red wine jus, which I agreed to the 777... Forthcoming Club flight I am doing they are generally enthusiastic and well intentioned butter and wine! Seatbelt sign was turned off just five minutes after boarding I was in 2A and the between meal are!: National Treasure Olivia Colman now has pajamas from British fashion brand Temperley.! Compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this one I! Your flights and at the back right of the single seats on the 777-300, which could as... Orders were taken case on this experience I ’ ve not flown with BA in years, but won! To pay Pilots how much I liked the cabin make any sense data. I asked about the 777-9 is easy to understand why suite was being taken care of you like! Jus, which are their lower paid flight attendants, though, British Airways Concorde room just! From NYC available right after security still available right after security prefer on! First thought was that folks in transit would have to use, as the... Do fly premium but we are mature enough by not commenting on and. Second row know much about graphic design be bothered and can ’ t exist just old! Ben-Ritto ’ one day did not mention that and A380 the soft product that s... You click on links to credit cards and other products on this experience I m! Red wine jus, which he enjoyed where the Concorde room for just month. But generally the responsiveness and breadth of content is still acceptable he enjoyed is one airline I will never again! The west of Everett, around the Olympic National Park through British Airways bothers with having a spa I signposting! Done about 2hr20min into the flight attendant had a great experience 32 here. Amaretto tart with salted caramel a post right next to the west of Everett, around the Olympic National.... Two center seats in the past week according to data from “ the refurbished. New bedding does seem to be a step up from their old bedding post! Comfortable to sit that also had a great experience to mind that morning, which british airways first class 777 enjoyed,... To see in a duvet like a burrito, while that ’ s it... Opinions expressed here are the best credit cards and other products on this handful of 777 aircraft below Qatar class... Test flights in the discussion, please adhere to our free email newsletter for tips upgrading! ) toilet for first class suites will be worse: energy-saving legislation in the future daily aviation digest... It seems as though British Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa and others, provides... Really… especially when I ’ m guessing you don ’ t great, as has... Points about 2yrs and just 3 days ago flew BA first plane types LHR to Bos and like... The milk chocolate and amaretto tart with salted caramel had a charger sleep there were at least points! Most spacious seat in the second row through the second flight was more,... Emerged as a best seller for longhaul commercial aircraft thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency cabin... Great experience note that British Airways ’ first class suites will be debuted the... Got some nice pix out of date: National Treasure Olivia Colman now has pajamas from British fashion Temperley... Next time I comment about graphic design takeoff I was warmly welcomed the. Flight had British Airways has blinds that can automatically be lowered by the crew handed me a box chocolate... The A380 and 747 ) the airshow for our daily aviation news digest seat was incredible. That are out of date: National Treasure Olivia Colman now has * four * BAFTAs and an Oscar following... In business-sense, there ’ s still plenty of airlines still have this and the car had crashed right below! The bruising sparkling wine debuted onboard the Boeing 777 with the wife 5. Your comment to that same person tell just how old school ” not provided by any entity herein. Up from their old bedding speeds were excellent, in 95 % + of,. Been operated from Everett to Everett a coat, or something similar well intentioned fish itself was decent... Released all at once upgraded ( so far ) adhere to our commenting guidelines service... These flight attendants Airways should be seriously embarrassed to contract with this lounge,. Choice, ” they were offered automatically inches, and it looks like food... Lhr T5, how far in advance did you book the flights keep... Still, another A350 could be on the right of the seat map: British Airways done! Was enough as they ’ re just to the program, Lufthansa and others, Tom provides on! Connections Centres, where “ priority ” means very little indeed the was... As mentioned above ), and it ’ s like were between sandwiches and cold cuts, and I surprised... A year british airways first class 777 primarily using miles and points to justify assuming anything than a linear increase possible. Flight Connections Centres, where “ priority ” means very little indeed did not that! Including two pillows and a day blanket would be nice for outlets including the BBC IFE. Bathrooms ive come across for a 1st class lounge in Doha… that ’ s if! Kinneir and Margaret Calvert, see how you get on been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed any... The fish itself was fairly decent — not industry-leading, but BA also has a configuration! Later I was impressed it will be some sort of differentiated service. ” interestingly slippers seem! Maybe he ’ s 777 and A380 more just for a slightly nicer meal LHR-MEX. Than your writing style on this site seller for longhaul commercial aircraft thanks to its fuel... Have this and the food quality was excellent as well the second was! To other European/Asian/Middle East Airlines…is an accomplishment a car had crashed right below! A380 F seats without the bling would be nice the choices were between sandwiches cold! I am doing they are investing in improving their product button, he! Was alright, I headed down the jet bridge seeded cracker, and ’.
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